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The Fair

The Fair

a little humor

Gourds and pumpkins, apples too;
A fall  festivity.
Corn and stalks, hay bale blocks;
Displays of artistry.
All around are fairground sounds;
And everywhere you go.
There are people wandering;
Enjoying rides and shows.
Venders treats and meats galore;
 They're smells are in the air.
Not to mention cows and sheep;
You'll find the barnyard there.
Aunt Betty's blue ribbon pie;
It won again this year.
Children from the 4H group;
Are running here and there.
Pens and pencils, paper pads;
mints and fingernail files.
Commercial  booths,  handouts;
It seems they go for miles.
Gifts and gadgets are for sale;
But some things are for free.
Just  like the spinal screening;
That was offered to me.
Politicians shake your hand;
And give a pleasant grin.
Then you get a plastic bag;
To put your free stuff in.
High above the ground you see;
The giant ferris wheel .
And hear screaming from  the rides;
That give your heart a thrill.
Cotton candy is the best;
But I've had to say no.
Though I really love it;
I just don't need to grow.
When I was a little girl;
Around seven or so.
I was given a small book;
A yellow smile aglow.
Though it was a little thing;
A seed was planted here.
I remember to this day;
That someone really cared.
You get tired at the fair;
Exhausted from the fun.
But you have fond memories;
When all is said and done.
 Susan Y Nikitenko
September 4th, 2011
It's been a while since I've ridden any rides at the fair.  The majority of my time is giving out the gospel message along with my family. But one of theses days I'll go just for the rides and the
car derby. 
There is so much I could say about the fair.  I can say, the most exciting thing about the fair is when I get to witness to others about Jesus.  When you see the light come on in their eyes.  When they understand for the first time how much Jesus really does love them.  That's the best time ever.  Because your heart rejoices.
Someone told me the smile book  has been around for fifty years or so.  I just assumed they were right.
Does anyone know for sure how long Amazing Grace Missions has been giving out those little books? 

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