Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:

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LAUGHTER'S POWER - By: Sue Ellen Sprouse


Laughter is a gift from God
That transcends grief and pain.
It's like a healing ointment
Spreading hope and peace again.

A chuckle from down deep within
Fills listeners with delight.
They soon join in the merriment
And troubles soon take flight.

Cherish the friend who laughs with you
Helping you smile through your tears.
For they are a prize to hold onto
And treasure throughout the years.

For laughter is like a medicine
The Psalmist said in truth.
It makes you feel alive again
And helps preserve your youth.

If we find humor in little things
As we live from day to day
We'll be as a ray of sunlight
And we'll brighten another's way.

SueEllen Sprouse
Des Moines , IA

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