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I Just Got Mooned

I Just Got Mooned

By: Susan Y Nikitenko
July, 2010

Our Lord has a wonderful since of humor. God has blessed me with two beautiful daughters that like to goof off. When I have felt down or disappointed, they try to make me laugh. I have done the same for them in past years. My daughter threatened me one day and said. "Mom, if you don't straighten up I'm going to moon you." We'll the shock of it all made me laugh. I told her she'd better not or she'd be in trouble. Well, I felt down again a couple days ago. While we were in the car my girls and my Son inlaw were threatening to moon me. I laughed and told them, "You'd better straighten up or I'm going to moon you." We were kidding of course, but we had a good laugh.

We went to the Massillon Tiger football game and while I was watching the game, I looked up at the dark sky and noticed a very dark cloud with a bright white edging. I watched as a harvest moon peeked out from behind a very black cloud. Slowly it arose to reveal a beautiful full bright moon. It looked bigger than normal. I started laughing hysterically. As I realized, I had just been mooned. I could hear God whisper to my heart. "I heard what you said, and I'm going to moon you." God always has the best medicine. He does, fill my heart with laughter.

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